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Geosciences Training

Due to its special Geological & Mining setting of the Irans land which has variety potentials of Mining deposits, rich in Metal & Nonmetal Mines, Natural Hazards & Geological picturesque Phenomena, This scientific branch needs to educate citizens that raise much awareness of the Geology & Mining science to benefit the Mineral deposits in developing country as well contrasting with natural hazards.

The main asset of any country is measured by the culture, expertise, efficient manpower and the degree of each country development is measured in terms of investment in the education of students.  

Also the sustainable development requires human development and ability that might have favourite, thinking, thoughts, knowledge and skills at all levels. Consequently, in modern societies, education is more important.

Since the objective of this approach is to improve education lessons in schools at the 32nd National & the 1st International Geosciences Symposium, Teachers should make efforts to improvement, high quality and effectiveness of training.


-          Studying of Geosciences importance and the necessity of geology technical knowledge preferment in Iran

-          Preparing fields for the exchange of colleagues educational and research studies

-          Improving the Training quality, assessment in Geosciences training teaching - learning process  

-          Geology Pathology in Iran

-          Barriers Identification and strategies presentation to improve the learning process

-          Relearning & empowerment of geology teachers in Iran

-          Presentation of successful models for Geosciences teaching

Suggested Programs:

-          Holding Geosciences workshops specially for Teachers & Students

-          Holding Geological Festival

-          Implementation of Geosciences School project in partnership with other related organizations




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